( Pre Order ) Threezero Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga DLX Black Panther Action Figure

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  • Black Panther with 44 points of articulation and metal parts!
  • Force shield, Nano Gauntlet, and alternate hands!
  • Vibranium swipe effect parts included!
  • Over 6 3/4-inches tall!

Threezero is proud to announce the next hero in the Marvel DLX action series, Black Panther! This detailed action figure accurately replicates the Vibranium-weave suit worn by T'Challa and designed by genius scientist Shuri. With 44 points of articulation, Black Panther stands approximately 6 4/5-inches tall, and is constructed from plastic and metal parts. Detailed structural engineering and exquisite design enable the figure to depict a variety of action poses while maintaining a realistic appearance. The collectible figure includes 4x pairs of interchangeable hands, and a pair of Vibranium purple "swipe" effect pieces, and a force shield effect to display the figure in dynamic action poses. It also includes a Nano Gauntlet to replicate the memorable scenes from Black Panther's appearance in the movie Avengers: Endgame during the climactic battle against Thanos. Don't miss out on the king of Wakanda!