IN STOCK! Threezero Avengers: Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark 50 DLX Action Figure

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Threezero and Marvel Studios are excited to present the DLX Iron Man Mark 50 as the next figure in the Marvel DLX series. It adopts the classic colors of red and gold and with the multi-layer coating process, and highly replicates the design of nanotechnology suit that appeared in Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. This fully-articulated collectible action figure stands approximately at 6 4/5-inches tall and is constructed of threezero's renown DLX die-cast metal system with 48 points of articulation. LED lighting functions are located on the chest and the eyes, and the 2x flight panels on the back can flip to open and closed. The forearms of the DLX Iron Man Mark 50 are detachable, and may be interchangeable with the DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack (sold separately).

The Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark 50 DLX Action Figure includes the following accessories:
5x Pairs of interchangeable hands: 1x fists, 1x relaxed, 1x shooting hands, 1x shooting hands for attaching effects, 1x holding weapons
1x Energy blade
1x Pair of Nano-Katar connected with extra hands
2x Pairs of effect parts - 1x shooting effects, 1x flying effects for feet
1x DLX action figure stand