( Pre Order ) Threezero 1/6 Scale Zeo Power Ranges Set of 5

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From threezero. From the fourth season of the action-packed American superhero television series, Power Rangers, threezero and Hasbro proudly present the FigZero Power Rangers Zeo collection. With the power from the Zeo Crystals, the Power Rangers are stronger than ever! If you would like to collect all the core members of the Zeo Rangers at once, we have the FigZero 1/6 Zeo Rangers Pack just for you! The pack includes Zeo Ranger I Pink, Zeo Ranger II Yellow, Zeo Ranger III Blue, Zeo Ranger IV Green, and Zeo Ranger V Red. The Zeo Rangers Pack exclusively includes interchangeable team spirit hands in both open and knife hand forms, enabling you to assemble them all together! Additionally, you can gather all the signature individual weapons of the five Zeo Rangers and combine them with an Advanced Zeo Laser Pistol to form the incredibly powerful Zeo Blaster!