( Pre Order ) The Loyal Subjects TMNT BST AXN Rat King (IDW Comic) Action Figure

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Continuing the TMNT IDW comics with sculpts inspired by Mateus Santolouco, TLS brings to life the mysterious and enigmatic Rat King! You wouldn’t want to come across this scheming creep and his army of loyal rats, in a back alley in the middle of the night. Adorned with a sophisticated duster style jacket, he would almost look distinguished if his clothing wasn’t being held together on his spindly body by tattered rags giving him a slightly mummified appearance. With great attention to detail, you see every line of the fabric wraps as they wraps around his body from his toes to his neck and the bunched effect it causes on the fabrics underneath.

The paint treatment on his leather duster gives it an oily shine in an amazing replication of fabric. Includes two head portraits with his fiery orange hair and equally unsettling grinning expressions. He comes equipped with a pet rat and his magical flute.