( Pre Order ) Super 7 Ultimates The Simpsons Wave 3 Kang 7-Inch Action Figure

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Prepare for probing questions about how you managed to get the Kang ULTIMATES figure! This 8-inch highly articulated ULTIMATES! figure of Kang, as seen on The Simpsons, comes with interchangeable heads and tentacle tips and a variety of accessories including a ray gun, Alien Maggie, and an "Earth Capital" hitchhiking sign. You need to get this made-to-order The Simpsons ULTIMATES! figure of Kang before it returns to Rigel VII and the endless void of unordered collectibles regret! Ages 14 and up. Accessories include:

  • 2x Interchangeable heads
  • 5x Interchangeable hands
  • 1x Maggie Alien
  • 1x Ray gun
  • 1x Earth Capital sign