IN STOCK! Super 7 Ultimates Power Rangers Wave 4 Mighty Morphin White Ranger 7-Inch Action Figure

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With the help of Zordon, Tommy gains the power of the White Ranger and becomes the new leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the fight to protect Angel Grove! This 7-inch scale highly articulated ULTIMATES! figure of the White Ranger features multiple interchangeable heads and hands, two Saba swords, the Sword of Light, and seven orbs. Tommy Oliver is a shining beacon of leadership and perseverance, so who better to headline your Power Rangers collection than the made-to-order Mighty Morphin White Ranger ULTIMATES! Figure! Tommy includes a helmet head, two unhelmeted heads, ten interchangable hands, three flavors of saba, the massive Sword of Light, and esven Tigerzord Power Orbs! Ages 14 and up.