( Pre Order ) Super 7 Ultimates Major Wrestling Podcast Ultimates Brian Myers 2 7-Inch Action Figure

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Wrestling has its shares of technicians, grapplers, and high flyers, but it only has one Most Professional Wrestler: Brian Myers. From wrestling icons for championships, to training the next generation of wrestlers at his Create-A-Pro Academy, this Major Player executes everything with pinpoint precision. This 7-inch scale highly-articulated ULTIMATES! figure features brand new deco and accessories, including his "Most Professional Wrestler" entrance jacket with removable hood, interchangeable heads and hands, and a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast branded chair! Whether you display them on your shelves or have them running roughshod in your figure fed, the Major Players are back to win all the belts in your collection, so scratch that figure itch and order today! Ages 14 and up.