IN STOCK! SCP Foundation Series Meta Zeta- 9 Mole Rats 1/12 Scale Figure

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From Dragon Horse. The SCP Foundation is a supra-national and supra-political organization that is responsible for capturing and containing various paranormal/supernatural phenomena unexplained by mainstream science, while also keeping their existence hidden from the rest of global human society. Now, produced by Dragon Horse company, a new product line of 1/12 scale action figurines has been launched based upon the world of the SCP Foundation series! As the second product of this product line, we bring you the 1/12 scale action figurine of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9, A.K.A. "Mole Rats"!

With their whole bodies wrapped in yellow chemical protective suits, and their faces covered under unique gas masks, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 specializes in the investigation, exploration, and containment of underground or enclosed areas exhibiting anomalous phenomena, particularly those with inconsistent topography or unstable spacetime.
Make sure not to miss this product, and please also keep an eye on the future product release of this new series!