( Pre Order ) G.I. Joe Hito Kara Kuri Snake Eyes Action Figure (Light-Armed)

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Snake Eyes is the code name of a member of the G.I. Joe Team. He is the team's original commando. He is an expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms and has a black belt in 12 different fighting systems. He is highly skilled in the use of edged weapons, especially his Japanese sword and spike-knuckled trench knives, but he is equally qualified with and willing to use firearms and explosives.

This Flame Toys action figure is a fully painted, high-grade G.I. Joe collectible standing around 18.5cm tall.

Parts of joints are made of die-cast so any action is stable with great performance.

There are over 60 points of articulation, enabling a wide range of dramatic poses.

The figure comes with a decent number of weapons and accessories, which is enough to create an engaging experience for most players.