( Pre Order ) Biker Mice From Mars Throttle's Martian Monster Bike

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Saddled up and ready to lead, Throttle rides on the one and only Martian Monster Bike! With its ability to respond to Throttle’s whistle, this trusty bike is never too far away and ensures that Throttle can always get into or out of any sticky situation he might find himself in. At almost 9 inches in length, Throttle’s Martian Monster Bike will help keep you and the Biker Mice one step ahead of Limburger and his evil henchmen.

Throttle figure sold separately.

Product Features
8.42 inches long (21.40cm)
Made of plastic
From the Biker Mice From Mars animated series
Masterfully painted
Perfecly fits in the style and size of the Biker Mice from Mars action figures
Throttle figure sold separately
Box Contents
Throttle's Martian Monster Bike
Dust-kicking bike stand
2 Exhaust flame attachments
Front-mounted canon
2 Frame-mounted missiles
Light-up headlight & taillight