( Pre Order )Transformers Dramatic Capture Series DCS-2 Autobot Headquarters Jazz, Mainframe, and Optimus Prime Set

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Restore, restore. Repair, repair! The second installment of the Dramatic This awesome set that allows you to recreate a scene at the Autobot base, with a special Action Masters guest star. Optimus Prime is the commander of the Autobots, who transforms from a truck into a robot, and Jazz is the second in command, who transforms into a race car. This set also includes Mainframe, which transforms into the console Teletraan-1 allowing fans to recreate a scene inside the base. Optimus Prime and Autobot Jazz come with their own blasters, while Mainframe comes with the Scanning Satellite that also appeared in the "More Than Meets the Eye" miniseries. Don't miss it! Set includes 3 robots in disguise with accessories.